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Esports & gaming marketing wizards

GosuRabbit specialises in providing entertainment, esports and gaming marketing services for brands, businesses and agencies across the globe. 

As a multi-disciplined video game marketing agency (and the only one of its kind), we can transform brands and products into heroes of the gaming world. We take a consultative approach to help you strategize and build highly effective campaigns. Our goal is to get your message seen and heard, connecting you with today’s digital audience of avid gamers and social media natives. 

A new way to advertise

From tapping into the power of gaming influencers and social media stars to esports events that attract players in their thousands, our marketing strategies position your brand firmly within the millennial market. In a time where traditional advertising no longer works with the tech-savvy audience, it’s important to take a different approach to stand out. 

Our online game consultants bring years of experience, but more importantly they bring passion, artistry and vision to get your brand noticed. We believe our unique combination of gaming wizardry and commercial awareness is what makes us the premier marketing agency for gaming & esports. We have worked on a global scale with some of the biggest companies in the world. And as gamers ourselves, we understand the unique practices and nuances of marketing for the gaming industry and esports market. 

Why Gosu?

Not only are we able to step inside the shoes of your customers, but our knowledge of video games means we can help you navigate the unfamiliar realms of the gaming community. Our consultants will highlight key trends and use the most effective esports & gaming marketing tactics to drive results. Whether you want us taking a central role or prefer us to work quietly in the background managing your campaigns, our team are entirely flexible. No two clients are the same, and we very much respect that. 

While we are based in London, we work with partners and customers across the UK and Europe, North America, Eastern Europe and Asia markets. If you’re looking for an expert digital marketing consultant for gaming or entertainment, get in touch with our team today.

Some facts
  • We have 20+ years of experience in gaming and esports

  • We are still active gamers today (we know our craft)

  • “Gosu” means “highly skilled” in gaming (and that’s what we are)

  • …..and rabbits are awesome 

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