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Expertly crafted gaming blog content

At GosuRabbit, we believe in connecting with customers through multiple touchpoints. And this means using various media, channels and platforms to build meaningful connections with digital natives. 

The millennial audience wants to engage with brands through a multi-channel or omni-channel experience. That means they want videos, social content, live events as well as blog content. Video game blog sites play an important role in providing an alternative form of communication for users, and can be tied into any marketing strategy. 

We can help you create a blog content plan, with content creation fully managed by our team of gaming wordsmiths. We can also tap into our network of influencers to form powerful collaborations. Not only does this help brands access already-engaged audiences that are out there, but it develops important relationships for future partnerships and promotions. 

Gaming blog content services

Our team and network of gaming bloggers can create content pieces that capture the reader. And we can also help with developing gaming blog post ideas if you aren’t overly familiar with the gaming and esports markets. 

In order for blog content to be engaging and effective, we make sure we hit the nail on the head with the following:


  • Topics that are relevant and interesting 

  • Titles that catch the eye of readers

  • Helpful or useful content that provides value

  • Current trends as well as evergreen content ideas

  • SEO-optimised content to drive traffic to your site

  • The right tone of voice to channel your brand personality 


Get blogging with Gosu

Whether you want to add to your current blog or you wish to build a new video gaming blog site from scratch, GosuRabbit can get your project off the ground. More importantly, we can combine content strategies with multi-disciplined marketing strategies. This means we can help you enhance your social media presence, build organic traffic, grow your brand awareness, and combine everything from the written word to video.  

We have 20+ years of experience in the gaming, esports and entertainment industries. Over the decades, we have collaborated with the biggest brands in the world and hold insight into how the gaming customer interacts with content such as blogs. 

To find out more about how content creation can improve awareness, website traffic and conversions, get in touch today.

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