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A social, YouTube and Twitch influencer marketing agency for modern brands

At GosuRabbit, we help brands tap into the millions of gamers and digital natives that form today’s buyers and decision makers in retail. Advertising is no longer what it used to be and our approach harnesses the unstoppable force that is influencers. 

Social media influencers are today’s celebrity, but unlike traditional celebs their endorsement for products is much more valued by customers. Their unique combination of superstar status and relatability bridges the gap between brands and their target audience. Gaming & esports influencer marketing turns boring ads into interactive campaigns, and entertainment into positive engagement. Giving companies the tools to reach the right people, at the right time. 

Connect with highly engaged audiences

Engagement is everything when you want a campaign to succeed. Through our huge network of social media stars, Twitch live streamers and YouTube game masters, we craft effective content to help you stand out. 

Our influencer marketing partner network spans every major platform to drive billions of impressions per month. This means you can get your brand, product or message seen by a vast audience. 

Benefits of video game influencers:

  • Authentic brand content that engages people

  • Boost brand awareness

  • A new way to advertise products/services

  • Drive quality traffic to websites/landing pages


Full service influencer marketing solutions

We deliver a complete strategy for video game influencer marketing. Our process includes strategy development, influencer sourcing and contracts, full management of campaigns, and in-depth reporting.

Our services include: 

  • Influencer marketing on Twitch

  • YouTube gaming influencer campaigns 

  • Social media gaming influencer campaigns

  • Sourcing and contacting industry talents 

  • Esports & gaming blogger collaborations 


Partner with the influencer marketing experts

We have years of experience watching, playing, interacting and marketing on various platforms. Being gamers ourselves, we understand this industry and audience better than anyone. We bring both our gaming and commercial expertise to deliver marketing on Twitch, YouTube and other social channels. And we always stay on top of the latest social gaming trends, helping our clients navigate this complex world of modern advertising. 

If you are looking for a dedicated social media, YouTube or Twitch influencer marketing agency to bring your campaign to life, get in touch with us today.

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