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Fully managed gaming & esports events

We handle a wide spectrum of media sourcing as well as online and offline gaming events that inspire the digital crowd. 

Whether you want a mind-blowing game trailer, ongoing video production, branded content, or an epic esports event to attract gamers in their thousands, we’ll put on a great show. Our aim is to create something unforgettable to place brands and products at front of mind for the savvy digital audience. Where traditional advertising fails, our media and gaming events get you seen and talked about.  

What we do

From regular gaming blog content to launch parties, events and live streaming, we transform brands and the way they communicate with customers. See our services below to find out more. 

Video Production

Live Streaming

Blog Content


As well as individual projects, we also help companies build entire strategies, combining various media campaigns and content with events management. Not only do millennials crave experiences, but they also want to engage with brands on multiple touchpoints. This means tapping into one channel isn’t enough. 

Our video game consultants will help you build a long-term media and events strategy that connects with customers at every stage of the funnel. Using top-to-bottom funnel marketing tactics that are on-trend and exciting, we can capture the attention of even the most hard-to-reach gaming consumers. Work with us and discover ways to raise awareness, engage and convert through powerful multi-channel customer experiences. 

The premier gaming events agency

GosuRabbit is a leading media and gaming events agency, with 20+ years of experience in the video game, esports and entertainment industry.  

Through our own passion for gaming, we have seen the impact of gaming and esports events as well as the effectiveness of using the right type of media to build awareness. The gaming and esports industries are worth $159.3 billion (and counting) combined, and it’s our mission to put our clients’ brands, products and websites bang in the middle of this lucrative market.

To discuss your project requirements or to start a strategy from scratch, get in touch with our consultants today.

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