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Metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrencies

The democratization of high-speed internet and streaming services has changed the gaming industry, allowing people and communities to create content and share with each other their work. From streaming, to esports and fan art, gamers have become major stakeholders in the industry, in a very short period of time.


However, up until today, this involvement has failed to be completely rewarding, with most people not being able to make a living out of creative pursuits. The act of playing in itself  can also feel unrewarding, from a monetary perspective. We all know someone invested massive amounts of time into a game, collecting everything that could be collected, creating Wikis and sharing their knowledge - but didn’t get paid a dime doing it. It was all out of sheer love for a game, and its community.


This is where cryptos, and more generally blockchain technology, will create a massive change. Because it will allow people to not only regain the ownership of the things they worked hard on, but be able to get value out of them, and, in certain cases, turn their passion into something that will pay the bills.


There are many reasons why we think NFT and crypto-based games will change the landscape of gaming in the next years, but this one is a big one. Our conviction is that, when done the right way, it will reconcile durably the pleasure you have playing, with the guilt you have because you’re not doing something profitable in the meantime. It will give back power to the gamers, and reward their passion and involvement. We’re still a few years (and a few great games!) away from that, but brace yourselves - the storm is approaching.

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