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Unlock the full potential of NFTs and Metaverse for your Brand

Blockchain is so much more than just Bitcoin and drawings of monkeys. 

It allows you to create never-seen-before experiences for your most devoted customers, develop brand awareness and loyalty, and bring your brand to life in a meaningful and engaging way. From NFTs to Metaverses, if you’ve decided to explore this world and experiment, look no further, we’ll be your guide.



There are many ways that cryptocurrencies could serve your brand, from loyalty programs to influencer marketing. Creating your own cryptocurrency to reward your customers or creating partnerships with existing platforms is a great way to start exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology, with the possibility of high ROI. Forget paid marketing campaigns, and experience earning marketing campaigns!






Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets owned by the people. They can take the form of a picture, drawing, music or anything else. What matters is the clear ownership of a digital thing. NFTs are defined by their “utility”, the value they bring to their holder, outside of the asset itself (i.e. what’s important is not the monkey, it’s what comes with owning the monkey). From access to specific VIP events to collectible physical goods, NFTs are a great way to reward your most loyal customers, and deliver actual value to them. Think of it like a membership card, but digital (and that probably looks better). NFTs can also be used to distribute collectibles, create video games linked to your brand or work with artists to expand your brand universe outside of its current borders. Be creative!











Today “Metaverses” define online worlds where you can create and live experiences freely, in a decentralised environment. It is a fully-owned, fully-branded and controlled environment inside a video game world. They can be in 2D, 3D or VR, but they all have the same feeling: video-game-like experiences that you can build yourself, and that your audience can come and try out. It can take the form of an online pop-up store that your clients can walk and purchase in, or a museum that they can visit to learn more about your brand and its history - or anything else. It can take any form you like, and can be designed in any way you like. That’s the beauty of not being limited by the real world; anything you can think of, we can build. By combining this Metaverse with NFTs, you and your audience will be able to create digital assets linked to your brand that will have utility and value. Forget user generated content, this is the time for user generated branded assets (UGBA).

Exploring the Metaverse alone can be scary. Thankfully you’re in the right place. We are experts in understanding how to use these cutting edge technologies in a way that not only fits with your brand DNA, but will get your customers excited. If you want to know more, let’s chat together!

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