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Finally an agency that understands GameFi

GameFi is the next generation in the gaming industry. It comes with its own set of challenges, but also new borders to cross together.


  • Have you been talking to gaming agencies that understand how to market a game, but have never heard of Metamask?


  • Have you been talking to crypto agencies that know everything about NFTs, but have no idea how to get gamers excited about your trailer, or your gameplay mechanics?


You’re finally at the right place:

GosuRabbit is the leading agency for GameFi studios. 


  • With a demonstrated history in working in the traditional gaming industry for some of the biggest studios out there, we know how to make, market and sell an outstanding video game. 


  • But thanks to our web3 experts, we understand the specificities, constraints and challenges that are specific to GameFi studios, and have hands-on experience of how to solve them.


Our services:


Our package for GameFi studios is focused on what works and will bring instant value to your project:


SHOUTOUT - thanks to paid media and PR, we make sure that your project is seen and known by the right people, at the right time.


RECRUIT - thanks to KOLs and influencers, we recruit gamers and crypto enthusiasts, to get them to play your game, or register for a whitelist spot. 


ENGAGE - thanks to social media, we create a lasting and meaningful relationship with your community that will help you grow, and have your audience grow with you.


From strategy, to community or content creation, we’ve got you covered. 

You’ll see that rabbits are GameFi studios’ best friends! 


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