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Video production

 Powerful video production for gaming & esports

We produce beautiful, impactful and exciting videos for video game companies, gaming events and brands that are looking to engage with the gaming community on their chosen platforms.  

Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world, beating film, music and books to the top spot. With over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, the opportunities to connect, engage and convert are huge. Video games are now the preferred communication channel to reach millennials. And our video production services allow global brands, gaming companies and local businesses to get their content out there in the most viral and explosive ways. 

If you want to tap into the gaming industry and connect with a global audience, video can be the perfect communication tool.  

Why gaming & esports video production?

As well as being gaming addicts, millennials often choose video content over reading a newsletter or a blog post. This means video content is the best way to engage with a highly distracted, busy and web-savvy audience. Not only are videos a powerful and effective way of getting your message across, but they can be shared, embedded and displayed on multiple platforms. 

Videos bring a dull website to life. They add to your social media presence and credibility. And they have the scope to be viewed and shared by millions of people. 

Our video production services

At GosuRabbit, we take care of the entire video production process. This means we will conceptualise and create storyboards, provide videography, lighting and sound staff, handle post-production and editing, and deliver videos in the agreed format. 

Our video production service can be used for:

  • Video game trailers 

  • Promotional videos (to promote an event, product or competition)

  • Live event videos 

  • Online event videos 

  • YouTube and social media content


Whether you need us for a one-off project or you require ongoing video production for a long-term strategy, we’re here to help you inspire the digital crowd. To find out more about our services and what we can do for you, get in touch with our team today.

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